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Bathroom Design in Oxford | Design Ideas for the Elderly



For some people in their senior years, using the bathroom safely becomes more difficult. Climbing in and out of the bath, or even standing in the shower for any length of time, isn’t so easy when we start to lose our mobility and strength. At Whiteside Kitchens & Bathrooms, we recognise the challenges our older customers in Oxford face. This shows in our bathroom design work and in our installations.


A well-planned bathroom design can help seniors to navigate their room space safely and with fewer risks. Basic features, such as seats and sprayer attachments which allow older people to sit down while bathing, work well. So do bigger installations, like stepless showers, which make access much easier. A bathroom designed around senior use adds more independence for the user and also helps carers.


Here, we look at features to include in a bathroom design should you have elderly people living in your Oxford home.


Taps with Levers


Taps with levers make a real difference to senior users. Twisting the handle of a classic tap causes strain on the wrists. A lever requires much less effort. There are even taps available which operate by foot. Just keep in mind that the more complex the tap, the more difficult the installation.


We can include lever or foot-operated taps into bathroom designs for seniors. We install anywhere in the Oxford area.


Spray Attachments


Detachable shower heads which older users can hold in their hands make bathing a breeze. It can also do away with the need to stand in the shower, a major benefit that is easier on the body over longer periods. A seat in a bath or a shower reduces slipping risks too, making the bathing experience much safer.


The ability to stand or sit safely when bathing adds more independence to the lives of our senior Oxford customers.


Grab Bars and Handrails


Adding grab bars and handrails to a bathroom design is one of the simplest, most effective ways to make room space more user-friendly for the elderly. Positioning bars and rails in showers and tubs, and near toilets, is a practical benefit for the more mobile senior, or for anybody who gives them care.


A remodel from Whiteside Kitchens & Bathrooms can factor grab bars and handrails into the initial and final planning.


Increasing Toilet Height


Even something as simple as raising the base height of a toilet by a few inches can change the life of a senior. This doesn’t have to be a major job. You can, of course, modify your bathroom design to achieve a more comfortable height for users. This is something our installers can do for you.


If you want a faster fix for your Oxford home, buying a toilet seat just two or three inches thicker makes a real difference.


Soft Rugs


Consider the use of rugs in your bathroom. The thicker the better. This can provide a certain amount of cushioning should an elderly person fall. What rugs will also do is provide a more friendly surface for caregivers, who may need to spend long periods on their hands and knees bathing somebody.


If a rug isn’t affordable, carers can try cushions instead.


Non-Slip Mats


Changing your bathroom design doesn’t need to be expensive. For some Oxford homeowners, adding a non-slip mat to the shower can offer protection for elderly users at pocket money prices. Non-slip mats stop falls when showering, and a non-slip rug on the bathroom floor stops falls when stepping out.


Non-slip tape is also an option for showers and tubs.


Stepless Showers and Walk-In Baths


Stepless showers are perfect for seniors who can’t lift their legs, and for carers who have to move elderly persons from a wheelchair onto a shower seat. Walk-in bathtubs also make for a more practical bathroom design. Because they have built-in seats, the user experience becomes infinitely more friendly.


Whiteside Kitchens & Bathrooms can install stepless showers and walk-in tubs anywhere in the Oxford area.

Call 01993 704454 to discuss a senior-friendly bathroom design for your Oxford home.