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Fitted Kitchens in Oxford | What is a Fitted Kitchen?



The best way to describe fitted kitchens is to look at the name itself. It is a system that comes in parts or pre-assembled. Unlike freestanding furniture, it fixes permanently onto the property (usually to a wall). Fitted kitchens have a seamless design. This makes them look made for your home, and your home alone. Indeed, our designers have fitted kitchens manufactured to the specification of all Oxford homes.


We travel from Witney to Oxford to discuss your design ideas, to take measurements, and to show you through the different branded kitchens we can have made for your property.


Fitted kitchens include all of the cabinetry and drawers. These make up most of the actual design. We plan hobs, ovens, microwaves and other appliances around them. It’s safe to say that our valued customers in the Oxford area have an unlimited amount of choice when it comes to design flexibility.


Whiteside Kitchens & Bathrooms can plan, supply and install fitted kitchens in classic or contemporary styles.


Traditional fitted kitchens retain the charming, rustic feel that so many homeowners love, but they also have the features that help to keep a kitchen functional for the modern age. Contemporary fitted kitchens optimise the use of technology, from the latest energy-efficient appliances, to screens and controls with remote access from handheld devices.


If you have plans to renovate or refurbish your Oxford home, or just to remodel the kitchen, please contact us on 01993 704454. We are specialists in fitted kitchens from a range of high-end manufacturers. If you need us to handle the extras, such as the worktops and the splashbacks, we take care of that too.


The benefits of fitted kitchens include:


  • Optimisation of space, making practical use of every available inch to give you home a layout that is as functional as it is stylish.
  • A return on investment should you ever sell your Oxford home in the future. This is typically 82.7% of the cost of the project and often more.
  • A unique opportunity to customise and to have features, such as storage, made into key elements. Design control is important in fitted kitchens.
  • The chance to integrate the latest technology into the design, giving the customer the best possible use of today’s most desirable advancements.


Our popular showroom in Witney has samples of our fitted kitchens on display. We invite you to make the short journey from Oxford to come and see us, and to spend some time talking with our designers and planners.


Should you wish to take an enquiry further, Whiteside Kitchens & Bathrooms can measure your property, begin the design work and present you with photorealistic images of how the finished installation will look in your Oxford home. This gives you the chance to see our fitted kitchens in situ, and an opportunity to make any final changes to the final plans.


From there, we’ll arrange a date for installation and will be with you at the agreed time.

Call 01993 704454 to discuss fitted kitchens, and more, for your Oxford home.