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Kitchen Planners in Oxford | Choosing a Quartz Worktop for a Dream Kitchen



The kitchen planners at Whiteside Kitchens & Bathrooms see your choice of worktop as one of your most important design decisions. Worktop materials influence the appearance of kitchens, how well they sustain everyday use and even how much you spend on remodelling your Oxford home. Natural stone worktops are today’s most desirable choice for many, but laminate and wood still work well for traditional designs.


There are several things our kitchen planners ask you to consider when choosing worktops for your home:


  • Do you have any reservations about caring for your worktops, or is a maintenance-free finish important?
  • Do you need a worktop for your Oxford home that’s resistant to scratches and to higher temperatures?
  • Do you have a diet where the foods you cook release juices or colours which could potentially cause stains?


Design matters, but one should never overlook functionality either. A great worktop should look just as good 5 or 10 years from now as it does today. Our kitchen planners believe that natural stone worktops are the best choice for any property in Oxford. While they might stretch the more modest budget, we at Whiteside Kitchens & Bathrooms can usually bring design, functionality and affordability together.


Here, we look at some of the options our planners can include in any kitchen remodelling package:


  • Silestone – This is a compound consisting of 90% natural quartz. It is one of the hardest, most resilient materials used in the manufacture of kitchen worktops.
  • Cimstone – This is another quartz compound, produced using BRETON technology from Italy. It has an antibacterial composition that is ideal for worktop use.
  • Caesar Stone – A premium quartz surface with domestic and commercial uses. Combines aesthetic appeal with the very best in performance to be a perfect worktop choice.


So why is quartz such a popular choice with kitchen planners, and with homeowners in the Oxford area?


Quartz is incredibly durable, even when compared to other natural stones such as marble or granite. It is also more resistant to stains, and to marks caused by heat from the bottom of saucepans. It is equally as impervious to extreme cold conditions, and to scratches and cracks. It needs no treating or polishing to keep it in good condition, only a regular wipe with water, detergent and a cloth.


And for kitchen planners and installers, it cuts neatly, is adaptable and fits well into all spaces.


At Whiteside Kitchens & Bathrooms, it’s always about more than just the worktops, the appliances or the cabinetry. We see our service as a full package experience. Our showroom, in Witney, welcomes customers from all surrounding areas. Oxford is a key location for our company, and somewhere where our kitchen planners, designers and fitters already have a strong, and a very much deserved, local reputation.


If you would like any advice on planning a new kitchen, please contact us on 01993 704454. We also invite you to browse through our website, and to look at some of the previous projects we have completed in and around the Oxford area.

Call our kitchen planners on 01993 704454 to discuss worktops, and more, for your Oxford home.