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Bathroom and Kitchen Planners in Witney | Design Ideas for Smaller Rooms



Whiteside Kitchens & Bathrooms is an established company from Witney. Our kitchen designers and bathroom planners help homeowners to find functional solutions which tie in perfectly with their personal ideas and concepts. Finding suitable ideas for smaller fitted kitchens and bathroom designs is one of the most common issues any homeowner faces. This page offers five essential tips on getting more from the amount of space you have available.


We’re a customer-focused company so, if you would like to discuss your design aspirations with our kitchen planners or bathroom fitters, we promise to be receptive to your thoughts and to use your own creative ideas in a final specification for your property.


Prospective clients from Witney can contact us on 01993 704454 or 07768 778377 for personal help and advice. Please note that we arrange to meet you at any showroom in the local area, by appointment, to talk you through a wide range of products.


Five Small Kitchen and Bathroom Design Ideas


1. If it is possible to do so, open up walls that could separate one of our fitted kitchens from other rooms in the home. If you keep a peninsula in place, you’ll feel the benefit of what seems like a larger kitchen, but one that still acts as an independent space. Our kitchen designers and kitchen planners include structural alterations into design themes for properties in the Witney area.


It is often possible for a bathroom design to include the removal of the wall separating an adjacent toilet and bathroom, creating a single, larger space for our bathroom fitters to transform.


2. Our kitchen designers recommend hanging pots and the utensils that you use most often on the walls to minimise the need for cupboard space. Although our fitted kitchens optimise space wherever possible, some properties have very limited room to begin with. Good kitchen planners can include hanging systems into the specification of remodelling projects in Witney.


The bathroom design team at Whiteside Kitchens & Bathrooms suggests using taller, tiered items of furniture to eliminate the need for extra units of a shorter size in enclosed spaces.


3. Build storage into ceilings if necessary. Our kitchen planners in Witney can integrate ceiling shelving to help you optimise every inch of your room space. If you have a bathroom with a low sloping roof, our bathroom design team recommends painting it white and contrasting it with a statement wallpaper in a darker colour.


4. Cookers, refrigerators and sinks should be within easy reach of each other, so we factor this in when designing fitted kitchens. The right positioning, and a suitable plan from our kitchen designers, makes a small kitchen seem like a more tidy, efficient place. A small bathroom design often benefits from having fewer features, so think about removing oversized tubs and replacing them with space-saving shower enclosures, installed to a high standard by our bathroom fitters.


Smaller properties in Witney never need to suffer from a lack of space when you choose kitchen planners and bathroom designers who know how to optimise every available inch.


5. Most kitchen designers and bathroom planners agree that letting in as much natural light as possible creates the illusion of added space. Avoid completely dark themes in fitted kitchens and bathroom designs. Instead, paint or tile in cleaner, lighter colours to make smaller room spaces inside a Witney home feel bigger.


Glass splashbacks from our kitchen and bathroom fitters also work well in smaller rooms.


A Complete Design and Installation Service


Speak to our kitchen planners and bathroom designers today for practical help and advice. We help property owners in Witney, and those in the surrounding areas, to obtain more style and functionality from a small-space project, even when there’s only a limited amount of room available. Contemporary fitted kitchens and bathroom designs work especially well in smaller spaces.


Our kitchen designers and bathroom planners also share ideas on creating the impression of space through related electrical work. We can assist you with tips on lighting, including the integration of LED systems. Whiteside Kitchens & Bathrooms of Witney can also talk you through suitable kitchen cabinetry and bathroom suites with practical storage features.


Very few kitchen and bathroom fitters can match our company for space-saving features or the practical side of our installation services.

Discuss your own ideas by calling our kitchen planners and bathroom designers in Witney on 01993 704454 or 07768 778377.